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GSK Basic Safety and Emergency Training Course

GSK Basic Safety  and Emergency Training Course
GSK Basic Safety and Emergency course for for offshore personnel working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Training in general safety, crisis management and survival at sea. Repeated every 4 years.

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Target group

Offshore personnel working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
The course must be repeated every 4 years. 


  • Competence test 

HSE -culture/preventative:
  • Showing of SfS DVD
  • Theory / Practical exercises:
  • Barriers-Buddy check
  • Protective equipment
  • Behavioural training 

First aid:

Theory and practical exercises
  • Lifesaving first aid-(ABC) 

Joint evacuation:

Theory and practical training:
  • Alarm and muster drills to lifeboat and escape chute 

Fire prevention:

Theory / Practical exercises:
  • Handheld fire extinguishers
  • Evacuation 

Sea rescue:

Theory / Practical exercises:
  • Rescue suit with equipment and Hazards (drowning, hypothermia)
  • Getting used to the sea
  • Staying in the sea-Raft 

Helicopter evacuation:

Theoretical part / Practical exercises:
  • Getting used to the sea
  • Overturn drills
  • Organised evacuation
  • EBS (air pocket)

After this safety training

Goal is to motivate the individual student to actively promote a better and
safer working environment. Emphasis is placed on preventive measures that can forestall injuries or damage to the environment and the

After completing the course the students should have acquired
basic knowledge of and proficiency in:
  • HSE culture-Prevention of work accidents
  • Use of relevant fire fighting and rescue equipment
  • Lifesaving first aid-Collective evacuation aids
  • Correct use of rescue suits with breathing apparatus
  • Helicopter evacuation (HUET)
The course aims to create positive attitudes to the term HSE culture and an understanding of the importance of the social and physical working environment to life, health and values, both at work and during leisure time.

Prerequisite skills

All participants will be sent a link to an e-learning course that must be completed before attendance. On the first day, a theoretical exam is held based on the e-learning course.


4 days

Assessment criteria

The participants will be assessed during all practical training.

If the participant does not pass the practical training, the participant will receive justification.

After completing the training, the participants will have to complete a theoretical test.
  • Competence objectives 3.8 Evacuate from helicopter / simulator.
  • Evacuation exercises where exercises 1–4, as described, are an absolute requirement.
If the participant is considered not to meet the competence goals, the participant will not be certified.


The course certificate is valid for 4 years and must be repeated every 4 years after the examination.


Courses are offered in our locations in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund, Kristiansund and Grimstad.

Dates and locations can be selected in our course list.

Payment solutions

Payment for the course is made when signing up for the course or at the location of your choice. We also offer payments via Vipps or invoice.


All our courses start at 10.00 on the first day of the course unless otherwise is stated in the course confirmation. The remaining days course starts at 08.30.

Remember to bring a valid ID. 


All course participants must bring woolen underwear or underwear that is not synthetic.


Lunch is included in the course price and is served every day. 

Remember to notify any allergies in advance.

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