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HLO Basic Course

HLO Basic Course
This course is for personnel who will perform the helicopter deck crew function.

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This course is held in English.

Target group

Helideck crews.

The course qualifies for the following positions:
  • Heliguard
  • HLO 

  • Laws and regulations
  • Weather reporting, communication and routines
  • Helideck regulations and guidelines
  • Dangerous cargo
  • Aviation fuel
  • The responsibilities and tasks of the helideck crew during emergencie and abnormal operations
  • The responsibilities and tasks of the helideck crew during normaloperations
  • Human factors
  • Types of helicopters
  • Fire theory
  • The different extinguishing agents and their use
  • Practice in fire fighting at a safety center/school 

After this safety training

After completing the course the students should have a basic knowledge and proficiency regarding helicopter operations, both with regard to normal and emergency operations on the helideck. This also includes safety routines, accident prevention and the relevant protection, fire and rescue equipment found on the helideck.

Prerequisite skills

Basic safety and emergency training.


3 days at the course center
1 day e-learning at home

Assessment criteria

The participants will be assessed during all practical training.

After completing the training, the participans will have to complete a theoretical test.

Ref. Helideck Manual, section 2.8 for experience requirements to be able to work independently in the positions. It is the responsibility of the individual operating/contractor company to certify personnel in accordance with their own internal control systems or the guidelines in the Helideck Manual.


The course certificate is valid for 2 years and must be repeated every 2 years after the examination.


Courses are offered in our locations in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund, Kristiansund and Grimstad.

Dates and locations can be selected in our course list.

Payment solutions

Payment for the course is made when signing up for the course or at the location of your choice. We also offer payments via Vipps or invoice.


All our courses start at 10.00 on the first day of the course unless otherwise is stated in the course confirmation. The remaining days course starts at 08.30.

Remember to bring a valid ID. 


All course participants must bring woolen underwear or underwear that is not synthetic.


Lunch is included in the course price and is served every day. 

Remember to notify any allergies in advance.

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