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Crisis Communication

ResQ's communication team specialises in crisis communication and media handling. We also provide services along the entire line of the communications profession, including strategy, planning and execution.
Crisis communication should be built into the overall company strategy. Successful crisis management requires a rapid response and a deep understanding of the issues involved. To make this possible, in-advance planning, education and training is required.

We work closely with our clients in order to increase knowledge, awareness and operational skills within crisis communication and media handling.

Our communication services

Incident response
ResQ Crisis Management offers effective media response during an incident.

When a crisis hits, professional handling of the situation may influence the company’s license to operate and determine its future.

Our communication team
Our team has in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience from the oil and energy industry and the media.

In addition, our consultants have worked in various industries including finance, communication consultancies, politics and culture.

Our Crisis Communication team is connected to ResQ's Emergency Coordination Centre.
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