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Crisis Communication

ResQ's communication team specialises in crisis communication and media handling. We also provide services along the entire line of the communications profession, including strategy, planning and execution.
Crisis communication should be built into the overall company strategy. Successful crisis management requires a rapid response and a deep understanding of the issues involved. To make this possible, in-advance planning, education and training is required.

We work closely with our clients in order to increase knowledge, awareness and operational skills within crisis communication and media handling.

On-duty communications personnel

We offer on-duty communication personnel at operational and strategical levels (level 2 and 3). Also, Communications Advisors may be made available when required. Our Communications Response Team comprises around 20 experienced professionals with relevant background from media or communication work. The team members regularly take part in exercises to ensure competence maintenance. The team covers strategic communication work and may be used as additional advisors for all communication tasks during an incident, including call handler responsibilities and media monitoring. ResQ also have a close cooperation with Gambit H+K.

Courses in Communications & Crisis Management

What is a communications crisis? How should an organisation prepare for the unexpected? Crisis management deals with the reality of the crisis as well as the perception of the crisis. Important success criteria for handling a crisis are the ability to anticipate what happens next and to ensure professional stakeholder and media management. Internal planning and preparations are key factors. 

Crisis Management Planning and Training

Crisis management is partly a question of setting up an appropriate organisation and then training for practical skills. We support our clients in setting up an emergency response team. We develop plans and procedures and we offer practical training based on realistic scenarios. 

Communication Plans

We develop a communication plan which outlines the communications organisation, procedures and resources required in an emergency. This plan is closely linked to the company’s overall emergency response plan. 

Media Training

The main focus of the course is practical training for the company’s top management and spokespersons. The course starts with a brief introduction to the modern media and the way they work. We use trained journalists and a professional camera team. We can also offer our clients to train in a professional TV-studio. In-depth evaluation of performance is given. 

Media Relations

Building and maintaining a good reputation involves professional media handling. Communication through the media is one of the most efficient ways of presenting your company to important stakeholders. It is a key ingredient in building a strong reputation and increase business performance. We provide assistance in developing media relations strategies and we facilitate media contact. 

Stakeholder Mapping & Analysis

Who are the stakeholders of your company, what are their positions and how do they influence your company and your industry? Based on your business’ history and strategy we identify the stakeholders and develop plans for stakeholder management. 

Internal Communication

Internal communication is about keeping your staff updated, motivated and ready to grasp the next opportunity. We support our clients in developing strategies and messages for internal communication projects. We develop communication materials like presentations, news stories and articles for the web as well as for traditional magazines.
For more information please contact Knut Egil Sæther.