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Emergency preparedness 24/7

ResQ's Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) at Forus outside Stavanger is a state of the art centre for handling all aspects of Level 2 and 3 emergency response.
Our facilities include three well equipped and spacious operations rooms, a conference room for Level 3 management, a next of kin call centre and media response facilities. Additional office areas and meeting rooms may be used for additional staff to ensure enough capacity for a larger Emergency Response operation.

Our state of the art Emergency Coordination Centre at Forus outside Stavanger provides a full suite of on-duty emergency response services at tactical and strategic levels. The Emercency Cooordination Centre has a pool of over 200 consultants with in-depth knowledge and competence from the oil and gas industry and emergency response handling.

Our services

  • Provide operational Level 2 Emergency Response teams (on duty 24/7)
  • Next of kin
  • Reception teams
  • Emergency response support services
  • Crisis communication and media handling
  • Emergency response notification services (24/7)
  • Implementation of crisis management software (CIM)
  • Investigation services and training
For more information please contact Vidar Gade.