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New course offer in collaboration with IKM

At ResQ, we are constantly looking for new opportunities. In order to be a competitive supplier in a market that is constantly changing and to satisfy our customers, we have to think innovatively.
IKM has long been a good partner.  We take the collaboration one step further. Together with IKM we are arranging courses in crane and lifting technology. Initially, the courses are only offered in Stavanger. Corresponding courses will come to our course centers later in 2022. For courses at our other course centers, contact the individual course centers.
We start the courses already in week 44 with a truck driver course. This is a two-day theory course where one must subsequently take a practical test either at IKM or at your own company. Combi course with G11 Lifting gear and G4 Traverse crane driver course starts in week 46, and G11 Lifting gear and G20 Fixed hydraulic crane course in week 47.
G11 Lifting equipment course is the starting course within the crane and lifting as the course serves as an admission requirement to a number of other courses such as;G4 Traverse crane driver course; G20 Fixed hydraulic crane course; G5 Offshore crane driver course; rig course and fall protection. h G11 Lifting Equipment is available Monday-Wednesday. Later on it is possible to choose between G4 Traverse crane or G20 Fixed hydraulic crane course for the Thursdays and Fridays.
Center manager Stian Rasmussen sees this as a unique opportunity to expand ResQ's course catalog with courses we know are in demand. This collaboration gives ResQ a new weight with competence and certification for a number of courses we have not had before. "This will be great and is a 'win win situation' for both parties" says Stian Rasmussen.
IKM, for its part, wants to benefit from our long experience in course management, as their course department is still in the start-up phase. Course coordinator Gunnar Vatnamot is positive about being able to reach more customers by using ResQ as a supplier.

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