Major emergency exercise at Acona ICC

“EXERCISE-EXERCISE: This is Action Manager - we have a well incident on Transocean Barents drilling on behalf of OMV on PL 537 Hanssen….”

This was the message Acona’s level 2 Emergency Preparedness Team received at 07:30 in the morning of 20 March.  
On this day a total of 80 people where involved in a full-scale exercise with energy company OMV (Norge) AS. The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate OMV’s ability to handle an emergency situation as well as the interaction between internal and external parties.
The exercise involving Acona and OMV’s level 2 and level 3teams included evacuated personnel from a rig in the Barents Sea, establishing of a reception team in Hammerfest, next-of-kin group, media handling as well as a press conference at Viking Stadium near OMV’s offices at Hinna.
OMV’s Corporate Management in Vienna was actively involved in the exercise at top management level. The PSA (Petroleum Safety Authorities, Ptil), NOFO (Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies) and the Norwegian Environmen Agency chose to attend the exercise.

Level 3 strategic emergency preparedness team.

Level 2: Action Manager and Logistics Coordinator consulting the Rig Manager.

Next-of-kin team.

Simulation staff playing their part in the exercise.

“OIM”, “Drilling Supervisor” and the man behind the scenario. 

Action in the Media Response Team.

 Press conference: OMV's CFO holding a press conference. By his side, his media advisor.

All Pictures: Øyvind Hagen/ICC