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facebook-icon linkedin-icon 30.10.2014
The Acona Group has strengthened its focus on safety and emergency preparedness.

Safety and emergency preparedness training, as well as emergency response services and risk management are now merged into a separate group under the name ResQ. The ResQ Group is now the most complete supplier of safety and emergency preparedness training and services in Norway. The ResQ Group has a wide range of customers including oil companies, drilling contractors, oil service companies, shipping companies, military and governmental agencies.

ResQ operates along the Norwegian coast from Oslo to Trondheim, where more than 400 highly qualified safety instructors and emergency consultants are engaged.

"We have established a “state of the art” emergency response centre located at Forus in Stavanger area, in addition to four security training centres in Stavanger, Haugesund, Bergen and Kristiansund. All of these offers  safety and emergency preparedness training in accordance with applicable regulations within the oil and gas, shipping and maritime industry” says CEO, Njål Arne Vathne

For more information contact: CEO, Njål Arne Vathne
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