Strong focus and positive attitude towards training and learning

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ResQ conducted emergency exercises at Kollsnes and Kårstø in September.

ResQ conducted a three-day emergency exercise at Kollsnes in Nord-Hordaland

Initiators were operator Gassco and technical operator Statoil Kollsnes.

It all started with an all-day tabletop exercise where all participants attended through the next two days.

On day two the exercise moved to a site outside the Kollsnes facility where the scenario started with a car crash and fire near one of the gas pipes in the processing plant. The fire led to the evacuation of students from a secondary school nearby. Here participated Øygarden municipality, the local emergency services and second- and third-line in Statoil's emergency response organisation.

On the third day the scenario developed into a security exercise where intruders broke into the Kollsnes processing plant, where the defense took over further handling.

Three persons played the roles as journalists as part of the exercise's simulation staff. They produced articles, photos and videos along the way. This was posted on a news site which was eagerly followed by the exercise management and Statoil's third line.

The exercise was also published/covered in the regional newspaper Vestnytt.

This was a large and demanding exercise. Main -and secondary goals for participating units were achieved.
The combination of the initial tabletop exercise to make participants confident in their roles, with subsequent exercise over the following two days, was very successful.

ResQ conducted a full-scale emergency exercise in Nord-Rogaland for Gassco and Statoil

The exercise scenario) was based on a simulated gas leak from one of the pipelines that runs through Gismarvik in Tysvær municipality, to the gas processing plant at Kårstø. Statoil Transportnett operates the pipeline on behalf of Gassco as operator.

In addition participated Tysvær municipality, Haugaland and Sunnhordland police, the local fire brigade in Tysvær, Helse Fonna, the County Governor, NPRA and ResQs simulation staff.

Communication advisors from ResQs crisis communication team published a realistic media pressure through the exercise's online newspaper.

The purpose of the exercise was to train and focus on the interaction between the various participants/players, media handling, notifying residents in the area and practice the individual's responsibilities during an emergency situation.

The exercise shows the importance of regular exercises, and that that there is a positive attitude towards training and learning among all participants. The joint work done by companies and emergency services over several years, has led to results in the form of improved interaction and coordination. The exercise was completed with very good results and all goals was achieved.