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Maritime Courses

Norway is one of the world's leading maritime nations and is the world's fifth largest shipping nation. Maritime industry is Norway's largest exporter of services, and our second largest industry in terms of export value, after oil and gas. The maritime environment in Norway is among the most complete in the world, with a diversity of companies and professional environments that together possess a completely unique power of innovation.

The maritime industry has a direct and indirect impact on the jobs of 300,000 - 400,000 workers. A maritime career on board a ship is just one of the possibilities, there are thousands of people who work with maritime tasks without having set foot on a ship's deck.

If you want to work in the maritime industry, it is important to be prepared to handle emergencies that may arise at sea. Are you considering working on service vessels offshore, floating rigs, ferries, or fishing boats?

We offer several courses that will give you the skills and security you will need. Offered courses follow Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) guidelines.
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Crisis Management
Offshore Courses
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STCW Advanced Safety Training for Seafarers
STCW Basic Safety Training
STCW Update of Safety Training for Deck officers with no seagoing service during the last 5 years
STCW Update of Safety Training for Engineer officers with no seagoing service during the last 5 years