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Training & Exercises

ResQ offer training and exercises adapted to your emergency response organisation. We have experience from planning and executing training and exercises for clients world wide.  

To make sure that all training are optimized we have developed a learning process model; ResQ 7 step. The model is a knowledge development process based on many years’ experimentation, action learning and research done by SINTEF, who concludes that the method is efficient.

ResQ 7 step model:

7 step

Gather all questions the participants have and which the training aims to answer.

Walkthrough is a physical review of the actual surroundings/framework.

Talkthrough is a review of plans and procedures, roles and areas of responsibilities, communication structure, decision-making and reporting processes.
“What-if»-situations which the participants try to solve with no time pressure.

Simple skill training through problem based and action oriented learning process.
Full scale exercise

A full scale exercise is action oriented learning with markers involved and as close to reality as possible.

Systematic follow-ups of results from the exercises as basis for establishing new practice.
For more information contact Vidar Gade.