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Crisis Management

ResQ offers advice, courses and training in emergency preparedness and crisis management for personnel who have responsibilities and tasks in new or established emergency preparedness organizations. We cover operational, tactical, and strategic levels and adapt our deliveries according to specific needs.

Based on our expertise and long experience from the security and emergency preparedness industry, we have developed training and emergency management for emergency and crisis managers. We emphasize adapted education and training for all key personnel in emergency preparedness and crisis management that are relevant to any emergency preparedness and crisis organization. Our approach to training develops security in the emergency preparedness role, coping under stress and adhering to defined emergency preparedness principles. This ensures an optimal handling ability, safeguarding the reputation and the business.
We deliver a number of customized solutions within courses, training, coaching and staff processes in the event of major accidents (ICS), as well as prepare contingency and crisis plans and documentation for our customers that cover the phases before, during and after a contingency situation.


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Accident Investigation (MTO)

Accident Investigation (MTO)

This is a course for managers and relevant personnel who have the authority and responsibility to initiate an MTO investigation and participate in it.