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ResQ offer a wide range of courses related to HSE, emergency preparedness and crisis management.

Basic Crisis Management

Main learning objective:
  • Structure and organisation of the Emergency Response Organisation
  • Public Emergency Response organisations
  • Proactive Methodology assessment training
Course content:
  • General understanding of emergency preparedness with emphasise on Company’s organisation
  • Communication during incident handling
  • Proactive methodology
  • Table-top and practical exercises

Strategic Crisis Management

The objective of this course is to provide knowledge of emergency preparedness systems and structures. Furthermore, the understanding of proactive management, crisis communication, insight into stress handling and knowledge of how to execute leadership based on values and culture.

Duty Manager Training

The Duty Manager plays an important role in the Level 2 Emergency Response Organisation. This training focuses on methodology and leadership. The training emphasize on practical training and exercises.

Offshore Installation Manager Courses

Suitability training with feedback in relation to the capableness, competence and robustness to fill the role as OIM. Generic content:
  • Pro-active crisis management methodology
  • Management of emergency preparedness organisation level 1
  • Implementation of the first meeting and status meetings
  • Event/situational awareness and ability to set focus
  • Correlation between focus, action and situation plots
  • Action board: how is it structure and how to use it
  • Situation plot: the purpose and how to use it
  • Use of resources on board
  • Use of PA announcements
  • Communication in emergency response organisation
  • Communication with level 2

Investigation courses

We offer the following training in investigations:
  • Basic training in investigation
  • Advanced training in investigation methods
For open courses please refer to our booking portal.
For internal courses please contact us directly.

Liaison Training

This course emphasizes on the integration between communications and Next-of-Kin handling. Furthermore, how to meet the expectations to authorities as JRCC, police and PSA. The participants will learn how a reception centre is organised, how next of kin and evacuated personnel may react to a crisis and how to communicate with different parties during a crisis.

Course in HSE regulations (RVK)

The course provides participants with an overview of structure and content of the regulations and a basic understanding of how to apply the regulations. Courses are given in small groups and make use of cases, discussion and active involvement.

Course for HR personnel

This is a course for HR personnel in Emergency Response Oranganisastions.

Basic course in Personnel Care

The main objective of this course is to provide participants with basic knowledge and skills in care taking of employees and next of kin in a crisis and emergency situations.


The main objective of this course is train and test basic skills and knowlegde of Central Control Room (CCR) personnel. This course emphasizes practical exercises with scenarios related to critical situations.

CIM Basic Training

Theoretical and practical lessons in use of, implementation of and development of CIM as a custom made crisis management tool.  Detailed content will be agreed upon in collaboration with client and will include, but not be limited to; Planning and implementation, module based and functional elements. Lessons are based on a standard presentation, practical training and a proactive mind-set.
For more information please contact Vidar Gade.