New facilities and courses

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Stavanger: Search and rescue team, HLO and Joint Training in 2016.

In 2015 we upgraded our facilities in Bergen, in order to provide a wider range of courses including joint training for offshore crews. The implementation has been successful – and now the time has come to focus on our next project; Stavanger.

The safety training centre is located in the Risavika harbor, Tananger, close to Stavanger airport and to many of our key customers.This is a great location for sheltered sea-survival training in the harbour and for MOB boat training close to open sea and rough weather. But - there is still room for expansion of our training areas.

Stavanger is our next priority in terms of increased range of courses. We are now building and upgrading the facilities, similar to Bergen, in order to offer Search and rescue courses, HLO courses, and joint training for offshore crews and installations.

We can confirm that the building process has started. Leveling and preparing the area between the safety center and sea survival area is finished, and we will continue with construction work onsite with container modules equipped for practical training.

The upgrade is expected to be complete within the end of Q1 2016. Our goal is to provide/offer Joint training, Search and rescue course and HLO courses from the beginning of Spring 2016.
As soon as the completion date is final we will update the course schedule and inform our customers when the courses are available for online booking.

The building process has started.

Preparing the area between the safety center and sea survival area.